Selling Advice

First Impressions Are Very Important

First and foremost, buyers want to make sure they are making a smart investment. No matter what your reasons are for selling, your prospective buyer will be judging and comparing your home to the homes they have seen previously.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important.  Does your home need power washing or painting?  You should also pay close attention to the smaller details, such as grass cutting, trimmed bushes, flowers potted, etc. Does the driveway or sidewalk need repair? You must view your home through the buyers eye and look at your home as if you were purchasing – what do you like or don’t like?


Once inside your home, the buyer will take a quick look at the floor plan – how it flows, colors, and tones.  Take a look at your home and size up the interior as though seeing it for the first time.  Imagine what buyers might say about each room, open doors and look inside the closets, kitchen cabinets, pantry, attic storage, garage – everywhere.  Remember, this is not time to be sentimental: potential buyers are seriously put off by clutter.  Clean out and de-clutter before you start to sell.

Start Planning Early

Start weeding out your current possessions. Throw out, give away, or sell the things that you don’t want to move at a yard sale.

Start Packing Early

Anything that you are sure you will not be using before moving day should get boxed.

Show Your Home in Its Best Light

You want your home to shine, so make sure it’s spotless. If your furniture is looking tired, consider having your home professionally staged. If your home is lacking color, make a splash with neutral paint. Keeping the following in mind will make a big difference in the way your home shows:

      • Soft string music is always nice and will enhance the ambiance of your home
      • Even if it’s daylight make sure ALL lights are on and the blinds are open
      • Windows are clean and sparkling
      • Open all interior doors to make the home appear roomier
      • Doors are clean and free of finger prints
      • Replace tired towels and bath mats to make bathrooms really pop
      • Empty all trash cans throughout the house

Odor Control

If you smoke or have pets, ask your agent or a neighbor to give your home the ‘sniff test’. If they can pick up on any odor, this could result in your home not being considered. Buyers may love your home but not want to deal with the smell.  Addressing any unpleasant smells or odor so your home smells clean and fresh, not like air freshener, will be well worth the trouble when it comes to attracting buyers.

Making Potential Buyers Comfortable

Make sure you are not present for any appointments. The buyer needs to “connect” with your home, and the home tour is when emotions determine if the buyer can picture themselves living in your home.  This is more likely to happen when without them experiencing the feeling of being watched!

  • This also pertains to your pets! If at all possible be sure to take your pets with you whenever there’s an appointment to show your home. There is nothing more annoying to a buyer than constant dog barking when trying to view a home.

Be Flexible During Showings

Remember, to make sure your home is available to be seen by a prospective buyer with as little notice as possible. A showing request can often take place in less than an hour. Keep mealtime simple through your home selling process. You may need to get out on short notice and some foods can emit a strong odor that could put off potential buyers. It’s often disruptive to have a house ready to show at the spur of the moment. But the more amenable you can be about letting people see your home, the sooner you’ll find a buyer.